Automation is revolutionary in supply chain management. In the digital era, to maintain a competitive edge, entrepreneurs need to optimize their ventures and supply chain automation enables you to do so.

Supply chain automation refers to the organizing part or all of a workflow to improve processes. It is utilizing technology to centrally manage a complex web of working parts.

Benefits of Automation partially or all of the supply chains are reducing manual effort while increasing productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. Proper investment in the right tools and machinery can also significantly cut down on operational costs in the long run. 

According to Information Services Group (ISG), using artificial intelligence to automate supply chain processes resulted in a 43% reduction in resource consumption including billing, credit, collections, and pricing.

Similarly, a report by McKinsey predicts that automation could accelerate the productivity of the global economy by between 0.8% and 1.4% of global GDP annually. To put it another way, supply chain automation is both cost-effective and leads to higher profitability.

Automation can be utilized across many components of the supply chain, including:

  • Invoicing and Payments
  • Order fulfillment and inventory updates
  • Applying bulk actions for high-order volumes
  • Selling across multiple channels
  • Picking and/or packing
  • Customer service, including transit status and email confirmation
  • Fixing and tracking revenue and expansion goals

Once we have taken care of all the above tasks, which is having considerable time consumption, you can focus on growing your business.

 Order management and fulfillment are core facets of the supply chain, so, roadblocks in these areas can impact the complete process.

A report by Capgemini found that three of the biggest order management challenges faced by businesses are:

Order Management and delivery channels

Placing an order from innumerable options and finding the best channels for an individual business’s needs is not easy particularly the range of choice grows day by day. Any order management system should be resilient to streamline orders coming in from multiple channels.

The complicacy of global supply chains

Managing orders and picking, packing and shipping goods become aggressively more complex when doing business globally. With different legal obligations and regulations applying to every market, a business’ supply chain management strategy needs to be modifiable to different markets.

High expectations of customers

Increased expectation of services at every point of contact by customers is a challenge in providing faster and more customized order fulfillment, to sustain in a competitive edge. This means orders should be delivered within a specified time with the expected standard and fulfillment of services by 24*7.

For managing automation in Supply Chain Business, best IT Solutions are


Designed to add the functionalities of flexibility, easy mobility, and tracking and develop the sustainable chain of the process and provide impeachable mobile solutions.


Tools and operations that perform the freight shipping and logistics, it helps in better transportation of the goods and ensures the right monitoring and sustainable growth.


The technology specially designed to provide the best solutions throughout the data input and the loading, it ensures the right mechanism to be followed throughout the process.

Following are few mileages of Automation in Supply Chain which gives substantial value to businesses of all sizes.

Advanced operational efficiency

Automation in the Supply chain is more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective than manual labor. For example, reduced their number of pickers from 60 to 4 by automating their storage and retrieval processes – cutting their order cycle time in almost half.

Better customer experience

Reducing the time between ordering and fulfillment has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Automation helps customers updated on order statuses in real-time and enables entrepreneurs to better serve customers.

Enhanced inventory management

Automated supply chain processes lead to better inventory and order tracking, decreased stock discrepancies, and enhanced demand forecasting. With smart automated reporting, entrepreneurs can make informed decisions about optimize investment and improve business.

Better transparency between business and customer

Transparency lays the foundation for trust with customers. An automated online ordering system results in more than just an electronic invoice – it is a point of communication that entrepreneurs can use to provide updates to customers during the entire order management and fulfillment process.


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