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Construction Industries Services

Construction IT Services

Innovative app and solutions that accelerate the execution of projects, effectively reduce risks and reduce operational loss so that you can focus more on the business.


IT Solutions for Construction Industry

Acropolis offer the best solutions and consulting in the field of construction creating best application and technology that help the plan and execution of projects successfully. We help in building of information model that is undoubtedly a greatest advancement within the construction and our incredible 3D model brings all necessary information about the project in one place. We help in removing the problem of contractors and clients working in isolation, and ensure all parties are effectively collaborated.

We provide the robust application, software, cloud applications, web portals and architect, engineer, subcontractors and vendors. We provide the advanced software, construction focused hardware and analytic capabilities that help in reducing the complexity and cost and manage the time efficiency effectively. We help in Design management, Scheduling, Material management, field productivity, equipment management, quality control, document management and safety

We have revolutionized as one of the biggest and fastest growing company indeed across the globe and turn the slowest growing sectors that is the construction sector into one of the most exciting with a steady onslaught of technological wizardry.

Construction Services

Technology Consulting Services

We provide the detailed view, our tools and technology help in eliminating the problems in the project and develop a road map for the construction projects.

Construction IT Solution


Field Productivity


Safety Alerts


Design Management


Contract Management


Performance Management


Document Management

Construction Solutions

Construction IT Solution


The tools and application that designed to test the skill set of the labors and ensures their proper functioning and project staffing members , designed wearable GPS jackets.


It help in reporting and tracking various accidents that occur during accidents and ensure right measure to be taken for the better protection of the labors working there.


It help in the better design creation of pdf files that contain the right data and the information necessary for the designs and the sustain the proper accountability.


The app is specially designed to the customers and clients so that they can easily handle all the communication related dealings and the documentation of the contract between the two parties van be easily maintained.


It help in the tracking of the performance of the clients and the customers and provide the best mark up that help in the improvement of their skills set.


This help in the quickly accessing the documents that are pinned in it and records that need to be quickly accessed.

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