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Logistics IT Services

Better and faster solutions help in transformation global supply chain, leverages with the real time visibility improving productivity and operational efficiencies and achieve better targets with our latest technology.


Logistics Management System

Acropolis helps in movement of freight and goods managing the costs, security and fuel tracking, environmental compliance, some of the major challenges that logistics industry is facing currently. We are expertise in the logistic services and consulting over many years globally. We understand the complexities and challenges that exits in the logistic and connect seamlessly across help in extracting the data effectively in order to achieve the excellence across the supply chain.

Our user-friendly interface reduces the amount of work by eliminating the duplicate data and empowers you to track the field agent movements, track delivery and other field workforce in a single minute a single map. Our logistic and management software provide seamless experience for your operations and field workforce management supervisions. .

Our solutions help multiple logistic partner to pull together to one platform and reduces their complexity operational costs,increase profitability and tremendous growth.

Logistics services

Fleet and Driver Management

Fleet management provides a single integrated platform to plan, execute and track field movement to the final customer delivery. Our application help in the monitoring and managing of trips and the tracking of the vehicles like cars, trucks and the other vehicles. Our application provide the driver incentive management and equipment maintenance management.

Our Solutions


Mobility Solutions


Big Data



Logistics solutions

Our Solutions


Designed to add the functionalities of the flexibility, easy mobility and tracking and develop the sustainable chain of the process and provide impeachable mobile solutions.


Tools and operations that perform the freight shipping and the logistics , It help in better transportation of the goods and ensure the right monitoring and sustainable growth.


The technology specially designed to provide the best solutions through out the data input and the loading , It ensure the right mechanism to be followed through out the process.

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