Businesses have 3 options when it comes to software development projects: hiring freelancers, setting up an in-house development team or opting for Dedicated Team Model (DTM). In this article, we would focus specifically on DTM, the situations where DTM can be chosen and its benefits.


Dedicated Team Model vs freelancers vs in-house

dedicated team


The above table should act as a guide to choose between the 3 options. If you choose DTM, then you must know more about it before making it your final choice.


But what is this Dedicated Team Model exactly?

What exactly is this Dedicated Team Model? It is a type of arrangement between the client and service provider wherein the client gets a dedicated team of specialists from the service provider for the project. A typical dedicated team consists of front end developers, back end developers, UX/UI designers, testers and project manager. This team is completely dedicated to the project and the control of the workflow rests with the client. The service provider is responsible for getting new team members and the administrative support.


When is the Dedicated Team Model useful?

While choosing Dedicated Team Model, the following criteria need to be kept in mind, which will make it the right choice:

  • Type of project: DTM is an appropriate choice for a big project or when there are multiple projects, when there is little clarity on the project deliverables and there might be more requirements coming in during the project lifecycle.
  • Staffing requirements: DTM works in situations where the company has its own development team but needs to extend, when there is an in-house project manager but a team is required, when there is a need for both project manager and team or when the company needs a person with a specific expertise.

When should a company not opt for DTM?

DTM is not the right choice for a company in the following situations:

  • Lack of trust on the vendor
  • Small project
  • Detailed project plan having defined deadlines
  • No changes to the project scope are likely to occur 

Benefits of DTM

If the client decides to go ahead with DTM, then there are certain advantages:

  • No need for immediate advance planning for the project
  • Highly flexible to changes in plan and priorities
  • Client can select a team as per their needs
  • High transparency in activities

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