Today IoT has significantly impacted the world. This technology consists of a network of sensors that collect data from machines and people and send it to a central repository for analysis.

Internet of Things is an umbrella term used to describe the ecosystem of devices which relate to each other and share data to improve efficiency and to serve customers in a better manner. Coined in 1999, this term has become mainstream since the last few years. The world has realized the enormous potential of IoT and is trying to find out more applications of this technology in daily life and business.

Mobile app development has also come under the influence of Internet of Things. Let us see how IoT can enhance mobile app development.

1. Open Source Development could become the norm

The popularity of IoT might lead to IT companies and developers sharing their programs openly, enabling developers to build their own apps. Open source development will boost the growth of mobile applications. There will be more transparency in app development. Collaboration between companies and developers will become a norm.

2. Increase in Hybrid App Development

Conventional native mobile apps work only on the platform they are created on, which is not ideal for IoT. There could be more hybrid apps developed with enhanced UX, incorporating the advanced coding capabilities of hybrid platforms and allowing users to interact with an entire range of multi-platform devices. This will enhance the app experience for the user and will also be a win-win situation for companies as this will allow them to get consumer data from other platforms easily.

3. New Platforms emerging

IoT is still in its initial stages and app developers trying out various ways to adapt. But they are hindered by a lack of platforms, which has made them create new ones. It is expected that there will be many new platforms coming up in the near future.

4. Reduced development time

Developing an app requires a lot of time for the developer. By facilitating a machine-internet interaction, IoT can help the developers to complete building an app in lesser time and with reduced efforts. Developers can use this time to build more apps and update the existing ones.

5. Enables remote access

IoT-based applications can be accessed from anywhere. In case you are absent from office, you can still supervise your work and share the work inputs from your house or any other location. This is a big advantage for organisations.

6. High level of customisation and interaction

IoT can make mobile applications more interactive. In addition, this technology can provide new personalization options. This means that your company’s mobile application can remain relevant and up to date with the functionality related to IoT and other necessary features. Hence, you will be able to create feature-rich and futuristic mobile apps that would help you stay ahead of the competition.

IoT technology can also provide with simple customization options for the enterprise mobile application. This is because developers can easily meet the needs of connected devices when they create applications for their business.

Ready to boost your app development using IoT?

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