Augmented reality serves to change a person’s perception of their physical surroundings through the use of computer technology. Augmented reality is often compared to virtual reality (VR), however, while VR replaces the real-world environment with a completely virtual one, augmented reality increases the real-world environment in real-time.

With the power of intriguing human minds, Augmented Reality (AR) is altering the game for marketers, and let’s explore how Augmented Reality solutions can help the travel sector in particular. This technology is breaching an innovative door for the travel industry to enrich their customer experience.  According to a Statista report, the Augmented Reality market is estimated to grow from 5.91 billion to more than 198 billion U.S. Dollars by 2025.

Travel and tourism business is a highly researched segment as customers in the travel industry always plan their journey, stay, or food places to explore through extensive research. The pursuit of data and information does not come to an end for a customer even after arrival at their targeted travel destination. Meanwhile, the travel and tourism sector has already shown remarkable transitions with Augmented Reality. According to the survey of Opera Mediaworks, around 66% of travelers prefer using smartphones for travel research and booking.

Enhancing Travel experience with AR Apps

Travelling can turn hectic without proper and timely information. With AR, travel brands are extending mobile apps for tourists, to boost their travel experience and convenience.

  • Augmented Reality Travel Apps to Ensure No Traveller Is Lost:

Finding your way in an unknown town is challenging. AR turns navigation apps cooler with an added digital element like arrows and other valid information. By integrating phone cameras with Google Maps, AR can enhance a traveller’s experience of exploring a new town.

  • Augmented Reality Reducing Language Barriers:

It is quite unthinkable to travel to a foreign destination without a translator. However, with augmented reality, smartphone cameras can translate foreign languages for different type of users easily.

  • Augmented Reality Extending Tour Guide Around-the-clock:

Finding a desired store or restaurant is getting simpler than ever before. With Augmented Reality, smartphones are changing into a tiny encyclopedia. Screening through hotel reviews or locating historic buildings have become more absolute and interactive with AR travel apps.

  • Augmented Reality in Transportation:

Once you land in an unknown destination and are not aware of the transport facility like car, auto, public transport services available in that place,  if you have a travel mobile app with AR, you can easily find out the transportation objects to get best possible directions, travel route, next destination and places to travel.

Why is Augmented Reality Becoming Important in Travel & Accommodation?

Now-a-days Augmented reality has emerged as an important concept within hospitality management as it allows Travel and hotel related businesses to enhance the physical environment they are selling (i.e. their hotel and its rooms), or increase the experience of exploring the surrounding area.

With AR, you can build all-around room tours with lodging details and prices when exploring a hotel. It is a good way to market and advertise your hotel for engaging targeted guests to have look at a comprehensive scale of hotel services. This turns one-time guests into loyal guests.

AR in Innovating Advertising and Marketing for Hotels

With the use of AR, you can build all-around room tours with lodging details and price comparison to your best affordable budget. It is not surprising that mobile devices play an important role in booking travel services. According to Expedia, 78% of travelers reveal that the informative content from destinations or travel brands influences their decision-making process and 46% reveal that advertisements with informative content are influential. Clearly, there’s an appetite for mobile advertising with compelling content. 


Traveling is always an innovative and learning experience. With modernized devices and tools, Augmented Reality in travel and tourism comes exceedingly useful for hotel booking, tours and travel information, overcoming language barriers, as well as easier navigation. Augmented Reality has already made its mark in the field of travel and tourism and continues to run to achieve more. To unfold the hidden opportunities for your business with emerging technologies like AR/VR, contact the tech experts at Acropolis today!

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