Today, technology is an important weapon in the arsenal of a business. Technology is a key component of a company’s business strategy, irrespective of the industry. However, due to the proliferation of so many technologies like AI, blockchain, different types of web development frameworks etc, business owners often find themselves wondering which ones to choose for their business. Are you a business owner who wants to use technology to meet your business goals but do not know how to choose the right technologies? This ultimate guide is intended to help you choose.

Choosing the right technology for the business depends on various factors. Let us discuss these factors in detail.


1. Security

This is perhaps the most important factor in choosing technologies, especially for e-commerce and financial services businesses that store a lot of confidential customer data like credit card details, account passwords etc. You need to ensure the software that you create for your business has robust security mechanisms in place to avoid data theft.


2. Business needs

Analyze what your business needs are. Make a note of what technologies you already have, and which ones need upgrades. Or which technologies would you need to bring onboard to meet your needs.


3. Financial model

You need to analyse how you wish to make money. Are you going to follow the Target financial model that depends on reaching out to a large customer base for profitability? Or are you more of a Mercedes Benz type and choose to target a specific group of customers?


4. Scalability

You need to choose software that not only meets your requirements today, but can also be scalable to meet your requirements in future. This means the software should be created in a way that it will grow along with your business.


5. User experience

The technology should be user friendly. Your staff should be able to learn how to use it easily. If the software is to be used by your customers, then even they must find it user friendly and convenient to use.


6. Bring on board a trusted IT consultant

Notice I used the word ‘consultant’ and not ‘vendor’. A good step in incorporation of technology into your business is to entrust the whole process to a trusted IT company, that is more of a consultant than just a vendor. You and the consultant need to sit down and discuss all the business requirements and select the right technology together. A ‘vendor’ would not exactly be an equal partner in your quest to meet your business goals, whereas a ‘consultant’ would be a strategic business partner.


The challenge is even more daunting for new entrepreneurs, who face the challenge of getting the right technology, the right expertise to implement the technology and the money required to spend on it. All this in addition to other aspects of the business like marketing, finance, admin etc.

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