The growing realisation of the need for digital transformation has provided a boost to the IT industry in recent years. Software application development has come a long way from off-the-shelf software packages to customized application development. According to Statista, spending on IT across the world is expected to be $ 3,872 billion by 2020.

In order to keep pace with the changing nature of business across sectors and reap maximum benefit, companies need to be aware of the trends prevalent in custom software application development. This article aims to do just that. Let us look at the major trends that are expected to define 2020.

1. Increasing importance of AI in the development process

We have already seen how AI can aid the software development process. AI has long been present in software development services. But the ways of its adoption are evolving and enhancing every year drastically. Most businesses are adopting this technology in their software to offer a little extra to their customers. Custom software developers are introducing new ways of AI adoption in business. It is expected that 2020 will witness some amazing ways of AI implementation in application development.

2. Growth of progressive web apps

Progressive Web Apps are a hybrid of web and mobile apps. Due to the various advantages of progressive web apps as mentioned in our article dedicated to these apps, businesses are increasingly making use of PWA. The trend is expected to continue in 2020 as awareness of PWA rises.

3. Motion UI in web development

The average human attention span is decreasing, which makes it imperative for businesses to make their websites and web apps a lot more tempting to the eyes in order to increase engagement. Enter motion UI to the rescue. Well-ordered design with smooth animation is a perfect combination to fascinate users.

4. Cloud computing trends

Cloud computing has found applications in custom software application development by providing infrastructure, platforms and software. Organisations are increasingly using cloud for development, testing, storage, analytics and disaster recovery. The cloud provides custom software application development companies with scalable, on-demand resources to help them execute projects in a hassle-free manner. It also ensures global availability allowing their employees to work and coordinate from any location.

5. Cybersecurity in custom software

Data of custom applications must be secured from cyber attacks. Even the slightest vulnerabilities in the code of the application can offer an opportunity to hackers for sabotaging your business. Custom software application development, therefore, needs to focus on writing code that not only delivers an unparalleled user experience but also follows robust security standards to avert unsavoury incidents.

6. Microservices

Microservice is a technique in software development that breaks up an application into a series of smaller specialised parts with the parts communicating with each other across common interfaces. This technique has advantages like improving fault isolation, scalability, ease of technology stack modification and improved productivity. Organisations are increasingly adopting microservice practices and the trend is expected to continue into 2020 and beyond. In fact, IDC predicts 90% of new enterprise applications to be based on microservices by 2022.


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