Covid-19 has obstructed entire industries, causing them to haphazardly get spiralled in unpredictable ways and brought about a devastating impact on the lives of people. This crisis has changed the lives of people in an unexpected way, with travel bans, lockdowns, and imposed quarantines, leading dip in global economy. While some countries are showing resilience and opening up markets, social distancing will hold the key in combating the spread of Covid-19.

Online grocery delivery app development services are expanding worldwide quite rapidly. The manner, in which individuals’ shop before, has changed entirely.   Over the past couple of years, the online grocery shopping rate has more than doubled. In 2018, 23.1% of consumers said they had bought groceries online in the last 12 months, and 25.8% said they planned to do so in the next 12 months. Those figures climbed to 36.8% for actual online purchasers and 39.5% for expected online buyers in 2019. Then in the 2020 survey, those numbers jumped to 52% for actual online grocery purchasers and 62.5% for planned online grocery buyers.

U.S. online grocery sales grew 22% in 2019 and, propelled by high demand from nationwide COVID-19 lockdowns, stand to surge about 40% this year, according to the Core sight Research U.S. Online Grocery Survey 2020.

Statista’s report for US online grocery market size reports the following numbers:

Following are some reasons behind the rise of an on-demand grocery solution during Covid-19 times and beyond.

1. Ensuring Safety

acropolis blog imageAs the Covid-19 cases are increasing, people are not braving out in crowds for even necessary items. With the majority of people locked in their apartments and unwilling to take risk of possible infection outside, users are preferring online grocery apps. Through this online shopping, we can avoid the risks of contamination while getting essential food supplies. Online apps minimize possibilities of coming in direct contact with people

On the other side, delivery workers interact with several consumers on a daily basis, putting their own health at risks and exposing themselves to viruses. However, several online delivery companies have equipped employees with facial masks, gloves, and sanitizers, as well as ensuring temperature checks on a daily basis. These steps have had a profound impact on consumers who are gravitating towards online delivery apps.

2. Hassle-free shopping

acropolis blog imageWith a button press, your required groceries are on your doorstep, especially current situation of pandemic, it is better to be confined to home. If you go out shopping with your own vehicle, you need to look for a safe parking space for your vehicle or other-wise depend on public transport. You can just order your groceries for a setup pick up time, pull up to the store and they will deliver your groceries at your prescribed address. If you have any specified store for your purchase, you can look for the same store in the app for your order.

3. Contactless Deliveries

acropolis blog imageSeveral apps are offering contactless deliveries, ensuring there is no direct contact between customers and delivery staff. Apps are offering contactless deliveries to customers with online payment facilities and these contactless delivery plays a big role in reducing risks against possible infection.

4. Economy shopping

acropolis blog imageYou can get great deals online based on special days, weeks, festivals and occasions such as New Year deals, Holi festival offers, Diwali offers, Independence Day deals, and more. There are various offers on multiple sites if you find it hard to go out and if you simply hate going grocery shopping, why not make the most of this option? This is a simple way to take advantage of all the great deals of your grocery store has to offer. Your portal and app will help you in shopping economically.

5. Shop by History

acropolis blog imageOnce you have used an online grocery website once, the next time you order, you may be able to select groceries from what you have previously purchased. This is especially convenient for essential items that you have to buy every week or month. These items would be waiting in the cart already. This amazing facility is available only on Online shopping.


Undoubtedly, grocery items are the most essential items that are consumed on a day-to-day basis. We may have a particular schedule of buying grocery items but when we have the luxury of a mobile application, we can place the order at any time whether it is for one or two items or a long list.  It also helps in saving a lot of time in our busy schedule in an economical way. So, Grocery stores are rushing towards the custom Mobile App Development services to have an advanced version of an online grocery store status. While selecting a platform to get started, you also need a team that can add custom features and makes upgrades as per your plans. Acropolis is a leading Custom Mobile App development company across the world, rated by top rating companies like Clutch and GoodFirms. We have a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced mobile app developers. We have delivered more than 3000+ projects across the globe. We value your time and money by helping start-ups, SMEs and enterprises to launch their custom mobile apps. We create robust mobile applications that help you provide a great mobile experience for your customers.

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