Day by day, companies are creating, improving, and perfecting impressive technology to automate daily processes. This in turn brings promise of lower operational costs, more efficient customer service, and an overall increase in productivity.

Now-a-days, automation is the talk of the town and the food industry is no exception. Research and Markets predicts that the global food automation market is poised to reach $14 billion by 2025.

With the development of technology and the changing needs of customer demands, restaurant owners are using tools to automate restaurant operations. Automation in Restaurants through technology optimizes operations, speeds processes and is cost-effective in the longer run.

How Restaurant Automation Is impacting Restaurant’s Operations?

1. Online Ordering

With the busy life style, when we talk of restaurant, undoubtedly, Online Order comes to mind.  With the invention of online ordering, majority of home delivery orders are being placed via mobile app or through website.  Customer are having option of pickup and delivery as per their choice.  Also, there they can avoid hassle of explaining the order to the waiter and reduce the risk of getting the order mixed up.  Online ordering won’t affect even if the restaurant telephone number is busy.

2. Online Payments

Advanced restaurant technology has enabled Online payments much easier for the customer and the service providers.  Online payments ensure that your customers do not need to look for nearest ATM to withdraw cash and service providers need not look for making balance payments to the customers.  Many online options like Paytm, Google Pay, Phone pay, etc have cropped up in the market that has significantly improved the process.

3. Automatic Billing

Billing operations has improved through restaurant technology unlike manually issuing receipt of the payments.  Once customer is done dining, the Point of Sale (POS) generates an automatic bill, which ensures no delays and improves customer service. Payments made via mobile phone or virtual wallets have also made bill generation and bill settlement much easier and faster. 

4.  Table Reservation

Headshot photoOnline table reservation tools allow customers to book preferred tables at restaurants well in advance which in turn saves customer’s time in selecting favourite table in the crowd. This tool presents a virtual overview of the restaurant to help the customers in choosing the tables before they reach the destination. Reservation automation systems, like Food Ordering App, can help restaurants automate the reservation process through online booking systems. In these systems, guests can see real-time table availability on the restaurant website and place confirmed directly as per their choice.

5.  Inventory Management

Headshot photoInventory Management System (IMS) integrated with the POS software helps in managing raw materials and stock of your restaurants kitchen. You can assess the shelf life of the products, analyze the future requirements of the kitchen. The IMS throws alerts like how long the current stock is going to last and also allows you to set reminders to order for the future requirements and helps to reduce wastage. It also generates elaborate reports that help you keep track of all the raw materials. You can also assign roles and permissions to access the inventory, which helps in reducing pilferage.


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