You cannot build a house without laying the foundations first, so why would you want to build a website without wireframes? You can outline the basic structure of your site; wireframe is a process of creating a blueprint, a plan of your product.

Usually people think of it as of drawings representing the way different features are organized on device screens. This layout of a page’s interface can show the spacing of elements on the page, how content is prioritized, what functionalities are available, and how users will interact with the site. Wireframe also plays a vital role in connecting information architecture to the visual aspects of the design by showing pathways between the various pages. Wireframes are intentionally void of color, graphics and stylized fonts.

Saves time. One of the biggest reasons to use wireframes is that they save time in the long-run. Having a strict list of the things to do for your site, each team member can better evaluate the time they require to do a particular task, which is also a great way to optimize the team schedule. Wireframes ensures that you and your client are on the same page throughout the process and can easily make changes to the design without impacting progress.

Ensure scalability. Wireframes are useful for ensuring your site will be able to handle growth. You will be able to add more content to the site over time without having a negative impact on its architecture or usability.

Gives more accurate and detailed project estimation. By using wireframes before development, you will have clear requirements and specifications to ensure that you are on the same page with the development team.

Improve development process. Wireframes aid real-time communication within the team, which helps speed up the development process. You can eliminate design errors as the wireframes can provide insights into the workflows to be used by each section of the development team.

Define minimum viable product. Everyone wants their product to have only the necessary features for it to get launched and start attracting users but how to define those features? That’s where wireframing plays an important role. You can decide which features are the most important and vital, thinking of how the product should act and work having only the necessary features, defining the scope of the first iterations aimed to build a minimum viable product.

The above blog concludes that even though wireframing could take up some time before the development process, it is always better to make your wireframes perfect and then get into development. Throughout the process of wireframing and development, it is best to keep in touch with clients on a regular basis. We can keep them updated on the developments and gather feedback to make sure that it ultimately meets their requirements.

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